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Simple Sticker Art!

This is a very simple but fun art project that is great exercise for little fingers! All you need are stickers and paper and let the kiddos go to town! Who doesn’t love stickers?

Logan playing with stickers!

(please forgive the drool, we are working on our last 3 molars and the boy hates bibs!)

I taped the piece of paper to the table for Logan to keep it from sliding around.


Our finished project!


icons key

(The sticky it the stickers really gives the child a nice tactile sensory experience. For toddlers just figuring out how to get the stickers off their fingers can be a game within itself. The act of sticking the stickers to the paper is a great fine motor skill exercise that really gives little fingers a work-out as they point and press with each finger to put the stickers onto the paper.)

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